Lists the time off categories configured for your account. Required scope: r_timeoff.


This particular endpoint uses r_timeoff scope, which can be enabled through the Integrations section found within the Settings menu.


Calling the /timeoff/categories endpoint will return a collection of all time off categories configured for an account. An example of the response follows:

	"categories": [
			"id": "76e",
			"name": "Paid time off ",
			"type": "paid",
			"description": "For vacations, holidays and other paid time away from work."
			"id": "76f",
			"name": "Sick leave",
			"type": "paid",
			"description": "For paid time away from work due to illness or sickness."
			"id": "770",
			"name": "Unpaid leave",
			"type": "unpaid",
			"description": "For unpaid time away from work."

Each timeoff category will have the following keys:

idstringUnique identifier for the time off category
namestringThe name of the time off category
typestringTwo different types are supported, paid and unpaid
descriptionstringA short description of the time off category
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