Creates a comment on the candidate's timeline. Required scope: w_candidates or w_comments. Accessible with all token types.

Here is a list of fields that can be provided for the comment object:

body (required)stringThe comment's text
policystringThis sets the view rights of the comment. See below
attachmentobjectThis can include an attachment for the comment to be created.

Note: only one attachment may be created per comment through this API

The attachment field should have 2 attributes:

name (required)stringThe filename of the attachment
data (required)stringThe payload of the attachment, encoded in base64

Comment Policy

Comment policy defines the visibility of the new comment. There are 4 categories for members: admin (includes all access, as well as hiring managers and recruiting admins for the candidate's job), simple (standard members), reviewer and recruiter. The comments are always visible to admins. Depending on the values provided in this array you can have more fine grained visibility settings. The following table displays the possible outcomes:

Field ValueReviewerRecruiterSimpleAdmin
["simple", "recruiter"]
["simple", "recruiter", "reviewer"]
["simple", "reviewer"]

A complete request would be:

	"member_id": "3247e8c7",
  "comment": {
    "body": "He is really good",
    "policy": ["recruiter"],
    "attachment": {
      "name": "tiny.gif",
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