Returns the offer related data of the given candidate. Required scope: r_candidates. Accessible with all token types.


Calling the /candidates/:id/offer endpoint returns a JSON array of the candidate's latest offer.

This is an example object that has the following keys (response may differ per account):

candidate/idstringThe candidate key
candidate/namestringThe candidate full name
created_atdateThe offer creation date
document_variablesarrayThe document variables of the offer
documentsarrayThe documents related to the offer (Offer letter & other documents)
statestringThe state of the offer ('accepted', 'rejected' etc.)

Document variables

The document_variables array contains variable objects in the following format:

document_variable/namestringThe name of the document variable
document_variable/slugstringSlug of the document variable
value/bodystringThe value body (in all cases except salary type variables)
value/dataobjectThe value data (only in salary type variables)
value/data/amountintegerThe amount of salary
value/data/frequencystringThe frequency of the amount of salary
value/data/currency_isostringThe currency of salary
value/data/cached_valuestringThe salary details in plain language


The documents array contains offer related documents in the following format:

namestringThe name of the filename
preview_urlstringThe full url to the document
kindstringThe type of the document ("Offer" etc.)
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