Returns specified candidate. Required scope: r_candidates. Accessible with all token types.


Calling the candidates/:id will return the full job JSON object of a specific candidate

idstringThe candidate identifier
namestringThe full name of the candidate
firstnamestringThe first name of the candidate
lastnamestringThe last name of the candidate
headlinestringThe headline of the candidate
image_urlstringUrl of candidate's avatar. Available only if provided by the candidate
account/subdomainstringThe subdomain of the account
account/namestringThe name of the account
job/shortcodestringThe shortcode of the job
job/titlestringThe title of the job
stagestringThe name of the current stage. See stages endpoint
disqualifiedbooleanIndicates if the candidate is disqualified
disqualified_attimestampThe timestamp the candidate was disqualified
disqualification_reasonstringThe reason the candidate was disqualified
sourcedbooleanIndicates if the candidate is sourced true or applied false
profile_urlstringUrl to the candidate's profile
addressstringThe address of the candidate
phonestringThe phone number of the candidate
emailstringThe email address of the candidate
outbound_mailboxstringMailbox that can be used to communicate with the candidate and inform the recruitment team of the job as well
domainstringThe domain of the referrer site that linked to the job page or the job board the job advertised
uploader_idstringThe id of the member uploaded the candidate.
created_attimestampThe timestamp the candidate created
updated_attimestampThe timestamp the candidate last updated
cover_letterstringThe cover letter provided when candidate applied
summarystringThe summary of the candidate
education_entriesarrayA collection with education entries
education_entries/degreestringThe graduation degree
education_entries/schoolstringThe name of the school graduated
education_entries/field_of_studystringThe field of study
education_entries/start_datedateThe date started
education_entries/end_datedateThe date ended
experience_entriesarrayA collection with working experience entries
experience_entries/titlestringThe title of the experience entry
experience_entries/summarystringThe summary of the experience entry
experience_entries/start_datedateThe date started
experience_entries/end_datedateThe date ended
experience_entries/companystringThe company name
experience_entries/industrystringThe industry of the company
experience_entries/currentbooleanIndicates if currently works there
skillsarrayA collection with skill names
answersarrayA collection with the answers provided
resume_urlstringUrl to the candidate resume
social_profilesarrayA collection with social profiles of the candidate
social_profiles/typestringThe slug name of the social profile. It can be one of the following types: academiaedu, angellist, behance, bitbucket, blogger, crunchbase, dandyid, delicious, deviantart, digg, doyoubuzz, dribble, dribbble, econsultancy, facebook, flavorsme, flickr, fullcontact, getglue, gist, github, goodreads, googleplus, gravatar, hackernews, hiim, klout, lanyrd, linkedin, myspace, ohloh, orkut, pinterest, quora, reddit, scribd, skype, slideshare, stackexchange, stackoverflow, tumblr, twitter, typepad, vk, wordpress, xing
social_profiles/namestringThe full name of the social profile
social_profiles/urlstringUrl to the candidate's social profile page
tagsarrayA collection with tags
hired_atdateThe date the candidate was moved to the hired stage
locationobjectThe location of the candidate
location/location_strstringThe string representation of the location
location/countrystringThe country full name
location/country_codestringThe 2-letter ISO code of the country
location/regionstringThe region of the candidate
location/region_codestringThe code of the region of the candidate
location/citystringThe city of the candidate
location/zip_codestringThe ZIP code of the candidate
originating_candidate_idstringThe ID this candidate originated from (has a value in case of candidate copy / move)
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