Partner Token

Build a third party integration using the Partner Token

The Partner Token is an authorization token used specifically for an integration. Unlike the Access Token, the Partner Token allows you to only use the endpoints associated with the scopes your application needs. Those scopes will be determined during the development of your integration.


Please note that the Partner token can only be used by official third party integrations. You can apply to become an official partner here.

To generate a Partner Token, visit the Integrations page in Workable, find the integration and click "Generate Token".


Your Partner Token will be generated and you'll be able to see the permissions attached to it. It can be revoked at any time.



Using the Partner Token

Third party providers using a Partner token will need to set the Header to X-WORKABLE-CLIENT-ID: UID on their calls. To retrieve your Client ID (UID), please contact [email protected].

curl  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
      -H "Authorization:Bearer <Partner Token>" \