Returns a collection of the public jobs for an account


The response has the following top-level keys

namestringThe name of the account
descriptionstringThe description of the account
jobsarrayThe public jobs of the account

Each job has the following keys

titlestringThe job title
codestringThe job code
shortcodestringJob code as defined in editor
countrystringThe country name as defined in job editor
statestringThe geographical state this job is located at
citystringThe city as defined in job editor
departmentstringThe department as defined in job editor
telecommutingbooleanIndicates if this is a remote/telecommute job
published_ondateThe publication date of the job
urlstringURL to the application form
application_urlstringURL to the job page
shortlinkstringshort URL to the job page
created_atdateThe timestamp the job created
descriptionstringThe job description
employment_typestringThe employment type of the job
industrystringThe job's industry
functionstringThe job's function
experiencestringThe experience required for the job
educationstringThe education level required for the job
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