Returns a collection of events. Required scope: r_jobs. Accessible with account tokens and user tokens.


Each event will have the following keys:

idstringThe id of the event
titlestringThe title of the event
descriptionstringA description of the event
typestringThe type of the event. One of (call, interview & meeting)
starts_atstringThe start of the event
ends_atstringThe end of the event
cancelledbooleanIndicates if the event is cancelled
jobobjectContains the id and the title of the job
membersarrayAn array of the members participating in the event. Each member object contains the id and name of the member as well as the status of their RSVP.
candidateobjectContains the id and the name of the candidate participating in the event
conferenceobjectContains the id the url and the type of the event's conference (if any). Possible values for theconference.type are: google_meet, zoom_meeting and teams_meeting
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