Returns a collection of the uploaded documents for a specific employee. Required scope: r_employees. Accessible with user level tokens and account level tokens that provide the member_id query param.


This endpoint uses r_employees scope. Partner integrations that support User Level OAuth flows. OAuth 2.0 work out of the box. Account level tokens need member_id to work. This is a new scope that is not currently supported by access tokens already used for ATS related endpoints. You need to contact support to enable it for your account tokens.


Integrating with Partner tokens through OAuth 2.0 works out of the box


Calling the /employees/:id/documents endpoint will return a collection of documents associated with an employee. An example of the response follows:

    "totalCount": 2,
    "employeeDocuments": [
            "id": "dde",
            "filename": "Employee Handbook.pdf",
            "filepath": "https://officedroid-hris.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/1034258416/employee-documents/10986/10ee844d-61c3-4a07-b557-9e06f3c4f0dc",
            "filesize": 60048,
            "created_by": "John Doe"
            "id": "ddd",
            "filename": "Offer Letter.pdf",
            "filepath": "https://officedroid-hris.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/1034258416/employee-documents/10986/ec6c9d6e-1835-4f47-b8b4-faae0142f26b",
            "filesize": 44009,
            "created_by": "John Doe"

Each employee_document will have the following keys:

idstringUnique identifier for the document
filenamestringName of the file/document
filepathstringComplete URL where the file/document is hosted or stored. This is a signed AWS URL, with a TTL of 1 hour and can be used to download the respective file locally
filesizeintegerSize of the file in bytes
created_bystringName of the individual who uploaded or created the document
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