Returns a collection of the uploaded documents for a specific employee. Required scope: r_employees. Accessible with user level tokens and account level tokens that provide the member_id query param.


This particular endpoint uses r_employees scope, which can be enabled through the Integrations section found within the Settings menu. Account level tokens need member_id to work.


Calling the /employees/:id/documents endpoint will return a collection of documents associated with an employee. An example of the response follows:

    "totalCount": 2,
    "employeeDocuments": [
            "id": "dde",
            "filename": "Employee Handbook.pdf",
            "filepath": "https://officedroid-hris.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/1034258416/employee-documents/10986/10ee844d-61c3-4a07-b557-9e06f3c4f0dc",
            "filesize": 60048,
            "created_by": "John Doe"
            "id": "ddd",
            "filename": "Offer Letter.pdf",
            "filepath": "https://officedroid-hris.s3.amazonaws.com/uploads/1034258416/employee-documents/10986/ec6c9d6e-1835-4f47-b8b4-faae0142f26b",
            "filesize": 44009,
            "created_by": "John Doe"

Each employee_document will have the following keys:

idstringUnique identifier for the document
filenamestringName of the file/document
filepathstringComplete URL where the file/document is hosted or stored. This is a signed AWS URL, with a TTL of 1 hour and can be used to download the respective file locally
filesizeintegerSize of the file in bytes
created_bystringName of the individual who uploaded or created the document
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