Returns a collection of the job's candidates. Required scope: r_candidates. Accessible with all token types.


Calling the /candidates endpoint will return a collection of the job's candidates. If no query parameter is defined, all candidates will be returned.

By default results are limited to 50. The limit can be updated via the request parameter limit. The value specified cannot be more than 100 per page.

candidatesarray of candidates
pagingIncludes the next URL pointing to the next results page, in case there are more results than the provided limit

Each candidate will have the following keys:

idstringThe candidate identifier
namestringCandidate's full name
firstnamestringCandidate's first name
lastnamestringCandidate's last name
headlinestringCandidate's headline
account/subdomainstringAccount's subdomain
account/namestringAccount's name
job/shortcodestringJob's system generated code
job/titlestringJob's title
stagestringCandidate's stage slug
disqualifiedbooleanTrue if candidate is disqualified
disqualification_reasonstringnull if member has not provided a disqualification reason
sourcedbooleanTrue if candidate has been sourced
profile_urlstringCandidate's URL in Workable
emailstringCandidate's email
domainstringWhere candidate came from
created_atstringTimestamp when candidate was created
updated_atstringLast timestamp when candidate was updated
hired_atdateThe date the candidate was moved to the hired stage
addressstringThe address of the candidate
phonestringThe phone number of the candidate
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