Updates a requisition. Required scope: w_requisitions. Accessible with user tokens only.


Calling the /requisitions endpoint will return the full requisition JSON object.

The object will have the following keys:

idstringThe requisition identifier
codestringThe code of the requisition
jobobjectThe job of the requisition
job.idstringThe ID of the job
job.titlestringThe title of the job
departmentobjectThe department of the requisition
department.idstringThe ID of the department
department.namestringThe name of the department
locationobjectThe location of the requisition
location.location_strstringThe string representation of the location
location.countrystringThe country full name
location.country_codestringThe 2-letter ISO code of the country
location.regionstringThe region of the location
location.region_codestringThe code of the region of the location
location.citystringThe city of the location
location.zip_codestringThe ZIP code of the location
requesterobjectThe requester of the requisition
requester.idstringThe ID of the requester
requester.namestringThe name of the requester
hiring_managerobjectThe hiring manager of the requisition
hiring_manager.idstringThe ID of the hiring manager
hiring_manager.namestringThe name of the hiring manager
ownerobjectThe owner of the requisition
owner/idstringThe ID of the owner
owner/namestringThe name of the owner
plan_datestringThe plan date of the requisition in YYYY-MM-DD format (ie 2022-01-31)
start_datestringThe start date of the requisition in YYYY-MM-DD format (ie 2022-01-31)
salary_rangeobjectThe salary range of the requisition.
salary_range.fromnumberThe minimum salary of the requisition
salary_range.tonumberThe maximum salary of the requisition
salary_range.frequencystringThe frequency of the salary range. Can be one of hour, day, week, month, year.
salary_range.currency_isostringThe 3-letter ISO code of the currency (ie EUR, USD).
salaryobjectThe salary of the requisition. Only exists for filled requisitions.
salary.amountnumberThe amount of the salary
salary.frequencystringThe frequency of the salary range. Can be one of hour, day, week, month, year.
salary.currency_isostringThe 3-letter ISO code of the currency (ie EUR, USD).
employment_typestringThe employment type. Can be one of Full-time, Part-time, Contract, Temporary, Other.
reasonstringThe reason for the requisition. Can be one of new_hire, replacement, backfill.
statestringThe state of the requisition. Can be one of processing, draft, pending, approved, open, filled, rejected, cancelled, reserved, on_hold.
requisition_attributesarrayThe attributes of the requisition. For the keys of each requisition attribute check the table below.
approval_groupsarrayThe approval groups of the requisition, in the order of the approval workflow. For the keys of each approval group check the table below.

Each requisition_attribute contains the following keys

namestringThe name of the requisition attribute
value.bodystring, number or booleanThe value of the requisition attribute. It's type varies depending on the type of the requisition attribute:

string if the type is of case short text, free text or date
number if the type is numeric
boolean if the type is boolean
value.choicesarrayArray of the labels of the selected choices
dataobjectThe value data (only for salary requisition attributes)
data.amountnumberThe amount of salary
data.frequencystringThe frequency of the salary. Can be one of hour, day, week, month, year.
data.currency_isostringThe 3-letter ISO code of the currency (ie EUR, USD).

Each approval group contains the following keys

idstringThe approval group identifier
approversarrayArray of the approvers of the approval group for the specific requisition. For groups with a decision (positive or negative), only that approver will be present. For groups without a decision, all the approvers will appear.
approvers.idstringThe identifier of the approver
approvers.namestringThe name of the approver
approvers.decisionstringThe decision of the approver (only if the approver has submitted a decision). If present, it is one of approved, rejected.

Clarifications on Body Parameters

Mandatory fields
In addition to the mandatory fields described here, please review your hiring plan settings and take appropriate action regarding the required fields.

Custom Attributes
To utilize custom attributes, use the dynamic variable {custom_attr_slug}. You can include multiple custom attributes by specifying the slug as the parameter name and assigning it the corresponding value.

General Clarifications

Create Approved Requisitions
To create approved requisitions, your approval workflow must include the requester of the action as an approver.

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