Returns the details of the specified job. Required scope: r_jobs. Accessible with all token types.


Calling the jobs/:shortcode will return the full job JSON object.

idstringThe job identifier
titlestringThe short title of the job
full_titlestringThe full title of the job (title + code)
shortcodestringSystem generated job code
codestringJob code as defined in editor
statestringThe job state. Possible values are draft, published, closed, archived. Where closed is a job used internally or confidentially
departmentstringThe job department as defined in job editor
urlstringshort URL to the job page
application_urlstringURL to the job application form
shortlinkstringshort URL to the job page
locationobjectLocation of the job. When advertise elsewhere is used it contains the advertise location. When advertise elsewhere is not used, it contains the primary location of the job as defined in the job editor.
location/countrystringThe country name as defined in job editor
location/country_codestringThe two digit country code
location/regionstringThe region as defined in job editor
location/region_codestringThe two digit region code
location/citystringThe city as defined in job editor
location/zip_codestringThe zip code as defined in job editor
location/telecommutingbooleanTrue if job is telecommuting
location/workplace_typestringThe workplace type. Possible values are on_site,hybrid,remote. Superset to telecommuting property.
locationsarrayAll locations of the job as defined in job editor. First entry matches the primary location of the job, as defined in job editor

For the keys of each location entry, please check the table below.

Note: Will not contain entries for older draft, archived and closed jobs, until they have a state transition
created_atstringThe timestamp the job was created
full_descriptionstringDescription + requirements + benefits
descriptionstringThe description of the job
requirementsstringThe requirements section of the job
benefitsstringThe benefits section of the job
employment_typestringThe employment type of the job
industrystringThe job's industry
functionstringThe job's function
experiencestringThe experience required for the job
educationstringThe education level required for the job
keywordsarrayThe keywords of the job
salary/salary_fromintegerThe lower bound of the salary
salary/salary_tointegerThe upper bound of the salary
salary/salary_currencystringThe ISO code of the salary currency

Each location in locations will have the following keys:

country_codestringThe two digit country code
country_namestringThe country name as defined in job editor
state_codestringThe two digit state code
subregionstringThe subregion as defined in job editor
zip_codestringThe zip code as defined in job editor
citystringThe city as defined in job editor
coordsstringThe coordinates of the location, if exist
hiddenbooleanThe indication if the location is hidden in
Careers Pages, as defined in job editor
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