In addition to native integrations, Workable also works with 3rd party development tools like Merge, to provide additional options to integrate with our technology.

If you’re already working a 3rd party integration service please see below. If you’re interested in potentially working with one as a party of your integration strategy, feel free to visit the partners’ sites to learn more.

Merge is a developer tool to embed hundreds of customer-facing API integrations in your product right out of the box, without the need to configure each integration separately. With Merge’s Unified API, developers access one standardized data model to pull and post data across any of the platforms we offer connections with, in categories like HRIS/Payroll, ATS, Accounting, CRM, Ticketing, Marketing Automation, and more.

Workable + Merge integration

Merge makes adding and maintaining your Workable integration incredibly simple with Unified APIs for ATS.

How the Workable + Merge integration works

Merge platform allows developers to add a Workable integration to their product much more quickly and cost-effectively than if they were to build the integration themselves. Merge normalizes the data synced from Workable's API and gives developers a full suite of tools (logs, issue detection, etc.) to manage the integration.

How to integrate Workable + Merge

Test your integration.

  1. Work with Merge to set up a test integration to Workable
  2. Pull test employment, payroll, or recruiting data via Merge's Unified API and an SDK of your choice

Add it to production.

  1. Add Merge Link to your app for customer to set up integrations to Workable
  2. Use secure account tokens generated by Link to sync data from Workable via Merge