Integrate with Workable via Merge


Merge makes adding and maintaining your Workable integration incredibly simple with a Unified API for Applicant Tracking Systems. With Merge’s Unified API, developers access one standardized data model to pull and post data between their own product and the hundreds of platforms we offer connections with, in categories like HRIS/Payroll, ATS, Accounting, CRM, Ticketing, Marketing Automation, File Storage, and more.

Merge manages these integrations end-to-end and provides tools that give full visibility and control over your integrations, which saves you countless hours of maintenance and support. The Merge Dashboard allows developers to control data syncs, configure webhooks, troubleshoot and resolve customer issues like expired API keys, and more, without the use of engineering resources.

By offering integrations at scale, Merge customers like Drata, Ramp, Calendly, and Gong close deals faster, reduce customer churn, and save engineering costs spent on building and maintaining integrations.

Key features

  • Easy onboarding: Your customers seamlessly authorize integrations via a drop-in UI component—Merge Link—in your product.
  • Continuous syncing: Data can be synced in real time for each of your customers’ integrations.
  • Bi-directional flow: Merge supports read and write capabilities.
  • One data model: "Common Models" provide normalized, constantly synced data for all your integrations.
  • Integrations management: A full suite of tools—including logs, issue detection, scopes, and more—provide full visibility and control over each of your integrations.
  • Custom Fields: Access any data you need, including custom fields. Anything you can do by building directly, you can do with Merge.

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