Returns the questions for the specified job. Required scope: r_jobs. Accessible with all token types.


Calling the /jobs/:shortcode/questions endpoint returns a JSON array of the job's questions.

questionsarray of questions

Each question has the following keys:

idstringThe question's id
bodystringThe question's body
typestringThe question's type. Possible values are free_text, multiple_choice, boolean, dropdown, numeric, date, file
requiredbooleanSpecifies whether providing an answer for this question is required
single_answerbooleanDefined only if question's type is multiple_choice
choicesarrayDefined only if question's type is multiple_choice or dropdown. An array specifying the possible answers.
choices/idstringThe choice's id
choices/bodystringThe choice's text
supported_file_typesarrayDefined only if question type is file. An array specifying the accepted file types for this question.
max_file_sizeintegerDefined only if question type is file. The maximum file size in bytes.
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