Returns a collection of your account members. Required scope: r_jobs. Accessible with account tokens and user tokens.


Calling the /jobs/:shortcode/members endpoint will return a collection of the defined members that are in the hiring team of the specified job. The role defined is on the account level.

Role mapping:
admin - All Access / Super Admin
simple - Standard role
reviewer - Limited Acces / Reviewer
recruiter - Recruiter

Each member will have the following keys:

idstringThe member identifier
namestringThe full name of the member
headlinestringThe headline of the member
emailstringThe email address of the member
rolestringThe member's role. Possible values are admin, simple, recruiter and reviewer
collaboration_rolestringThe member's role in the hiring team of the specified job. Possible values are admin, recruiting_admin, hiring_manager, simple, reviewer and recruiter.
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